Alpine Loop [09/17 & 09/19]

Got home from work on the 17th and decided that I’d hit the Alpine Loop as I hadn’t yet this year. And I’ll tell you, what a great day to have done it! After slogging through the traffic on I-15 and the Highland-Alpine Highway I got to AFC and then POOF! No traffic after the turn off to North Fork. Amazing. I’ve driven the Alpine Loop dozens of times in my life, and I’ve never gotten to do it with such, hmm… gusto? What a blast. Especially the spur road to Cascade Springs. It was just spectacular. Just spectacular. I haven’t had that much fun with the Miata for a long time.

Anyway, I thought I’d snap a bunch of pictures, but I was having so much fun driving, that I only got a few towards the beginning and end. So, here is one early on during the loop:

And then at Deer Creek at the end:

After the drive I decided to stop in a Chicks Cafe in Heber for dinner. Delicious chicken fried steak as always. And then cruised home, all along the way watching an epic lightning storm off in the distance wondering if it was smart that I left the top down. Fortunately, no rain.

Just a great night. A wonderful reminder why I love cars.

When I showed up at work the next day and told a few of my friends there about the drive, they immediately wanted to hit it up again. So on the 19th we headed out from work in the Miata, Paimon’s MR2 and Jeremy’s big G8. We had some issues with traffic on the first half of the Loop. Well, one issue. A Buick Endeavor that was doing 10mph and either ignoring the vehicles lined up behind her, or not caring. So we pulled off and snapped a few glamour shots at the summit.

After giving our slow moving friend a bit of time to get ahead, we hit the road again. Always nice when its clear ahead. Again, the spur road to Cascade Springs was epic and clear allowing for some spirited driving on all our parts!

At Cascade Springs

Showing how massive the G8 is compared to the Miata and MR2.

After that, we headed down the Sundance side and out to Provo Canyon. Jeremy decided to depart there and head down to slog through traffic in Utah County while Paimon and I headed to Heber and the Dairy Keen for some burgers and shakes.

All told, this was a great run as well. I was very impressed with Jeremy’s G8. For how big it was, it held the corners well. Aussie engineering I suppose. I look forward to seeing the Holden Commodore tear up the track at Bathurst in a few weeks. And Paimon has done a great job rebuilding that ’87 MR2. Really a beautiful job.

With the sudden change in weather and my being gone all next month to Australia, this was probably my last run up American Fork and the Alpine Loop until next year. I hope that I’ll get some good runs further south this November, though.